LISTEN | pre-design Our design process starts with you!  As a client-focused design firm, we begin with getting to know you.  We are eager to learn about your routines, your priorities, and your goals.  Please, take this time to get to know us + our design services as well.
   ·   scope:   new construction, addition, renovation
   ·   scale:   square footage requirements
   ·   program:   residential, boutique commercial
   ·   amenities:   must-haves, must-avoids
   ·   schedule:   start date, end date, design decision time
   ·   style:   inspirational images, material preferences
   ·   budget:   construction cost $300/sq.ft. - $1,500/sq.ft.

DESIGN | conceptual design | This is where the pen hits the paper!  Working from the information we have gleaned during our initial meetings, we set to work designing, iterating, and curating the space of your life.  Design decisions made during this phase dictate the direction of the next steps. However, our design minds never stop! We consider and reconsider your project throughout this entire process, in order to ensure the best possible solution when it is time to move-in!
   ·   site:   views, features, restrictions
   ·   exterior form:   height, width, pitch, overhang, volume
   ·   interior space:   movement, rest, interaction, relationships
   ·   material:   wood, stone, steel, glass, concrete, tile, plaster, stucco, metal

DETAIL | design development | It is time to get particular!  At this point, the design has an identity + a direction, but it lacks detail.  We review all aspects of the design, coordinating with product research + detailing key material connections.  The overall feel of the project is refined + for your approval.
   ·   systems:   consultants, structure, mechanical, civil, lighting
   ·   connections:   resolution of materials, moments of novelty, palette of consistency
   ·   products:   roofing, siding, ceiling, flooring, doors, windows, fixtures, equipment, furnishings

DOCUMENT | construction documents | Up to this point, we have been working as a team of client + architect.  In order to fully realize the project, we will need to produce document sets for use by a professional general contractor to bid, contract, permit, + build the design.
   ·   pricing:   drawings illustrating the scope, quality, materials + key details
   ·   bidding + negotiation:   review of estimates, answering of questions, contractor selection
   ·   permit set:   drawings illustrating compliance with state code requirements, town zoning, board, + commission requirements
   ·   construction set:   specification, schedules, + drawings illustrating all aspects of the design for construction + installation

BUILD | contract administration | The dream is becoming a reality!  As the project shifts into construction, we follow the design from site development through completion.  We are available to answer any questions that arise.
   ·   review:   construction quality, payment requests, design intent
   ·   communicate:   bi-weekly meetings on-site with client + contractor + client, issue drawing modifications, sign-off on final walk-through.

CELEBRATE | move-in | Congratulations!  It is time to raise a glass + celebrate a new chapter in your life.  The design + construction of a new home or boutique commercial space is no small feat.  We hope that you have enjoyed our process + that you will continue to enjoy your space going forward.

It is our great joy to design the space of your life.
  ·   site plan
   ·   floor plans
   ·   exterior elevations
   ·   building sections
   ·   wall sections
   ·   exterior details 
   ·   exterior materials + finishes
   ·   reflected ceiling plans
   ·   interior elevations 
   ·   interior details
   ·   interior materials + finishes
   ·   furniture
   ·   lighting
   ·   artwork
   ·   wallcovering
   ·   window treatments
   ·   styling items

   ·   site selection
   ·   zoning approvals
   ·   custom furniture
   ·   custom light fixtures​​​​​​​
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